IHOP: The Equivalent of Spiritual Heroin




I am still trying to get through all of the letters I have received on the topic of IHOP, but I wanted to share an excerpt from one.  It is from an ex-intern at IHOP in Kansas City. In the letter she described her reasons for leaving, many of which were the same as what everyone else has said.  What struck me was that most of her letter spoke about the way she has been treated since she left IHOP. 


She wrote:  “From the moment I began having doubts about some of the things occurring at IHOP, I began to be treated differently, like an outcast.  I was basically punished, though they didn’t call it ‘punishment.’  I was told that I couldn’t receive prophetic visions and words because of my doubting and the fact that I was not committed to prayer to rid the world of homosexuals. I was given extra journaling assignments, specifically on the topic of getting rid of homosexuality and had to spend extra time in the prayer room. I had to participate in a mandatory fast, even though I believe fasting is something that God puts on people’s hearts individually and shouldn’t be forced on anyone.  I was constantly monitored and my friends and roommates were talked to and told not to listen to anything I said.  They were told my doubts were from the devil.  After I left, none of my IHOP friends would talk to me. They didn’t answer my calls, emails or respond to my text.  One day I ran into a friend, while she was off campus, and I confronted her about not talking to me.  She said she was told that I was not serving the Holy Spirit, but entertaining demons who were making attempts to distract God’s people from their commitment.  She said she was sorry but she wasn’t allowed to be my friend.”


The letter was lengthy and went into specifics that I feel are not appropriate to share at this time. What I want to talk about is the fact that anyone who has doubts or a difference of opinion is “outcast.”  Of the hundreds of letters I’ve received, this has been a common thread.  Everyone who has left has stated the same treatment, using these words to describe their experience:  outcast, ostracized, condemned, punished, ignored, judged and belittled. 


Now, I ask you… did Jesus ever treat anyone like this? Would anyone who encountered Jesus during His time on earth describe their interaction with Him using any of the words above?  I highly doubt it. As a Christ-based ministry, aren’t Christian values supposed to be upheld? Values of acceptance and love, faith and hope. Didn’t Jesus Himself say, “Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is love.”  Is the definition of love building walls and casting people away? Is the definition of love mistreating others? Is the definition of love forcing people to fast?


This young woman stated above, “She said she was told I was not serving the Holy Spirit…”   This statement alone throws up red flags about what is being taught at IHOP.  As Christians, we are not to serve the Holy Spirit.  We are to serve God, Jesus and each other through love.  The Holy Spirit was given to us as a helper, not as someone to be worshipped, praised or served.  This is not Biblical.  The theology being taught by Mike Bickle and other IHOP leaders is inaccurate, but purposeful.  The intent is to get people to go inward, invoke the Holy Spirit and seek out prophecy. The problem is, when a person purposefully invokes the spiritual realm, they are no longer dealing with God’s Holy Spirit.  Why? Because we are not supposed to pray TO the Holy Spirit.  The Bible is clear that we are to pray to the Father.  Invoking a spirit and asking for a prophetic word is taking a dangerous step into the demonic realm.


If you are involved in any group that condemns you for asking questions, that is a big red flag.  If you are involved with a group of people who ostracize you for leaving, this is big red flag.  If you are involved in a group that teaches their members to outcast anyone who has doubts, that is a huge red flag.  Please, seek answers in God’s word.  Don’t be spoon fed or force fed information from any leader or any group.  Seek out the answers for yourself. 


IHOP has a “feel-good” feature, but that doesn’t mean it IS good.  Drugs feel good too, but they destroy your body and your mind.  IHOP is addictive and spiritually destructive….period. It uses a combination of meditative mantra and music to create a hypnotic “feel-good” sensation that lures people back for more.  Just like heroin.    Let me pose this:   God is God, unchanging, and everlasting.  He can touch your life and speak to your heart no matter where you are.  If you HAVE to be in a prayer room with a certain type of music and chanting in order to “feel” the presence of God… this is a sign that something is terribly wrong. If you cannot talk to God without begging for prophetic revelation and you cannot feel fulfilled unless you receive some type of prophetic word…something is terribly wrong.  When seeking prophecy becomes an obsession, your spirituality is out of whack.  If you need to shoot up on the IHOP heroin in order to feel as though you are closer to God… something is terribly wrong.


Prophecy is a gift given by God to a very, very few.  Prophecy from God will always be one hundred percent accurate and true.  It will never be partially true, because God speaks only in all truths.   IHOP has a very non-Biblical approach to prophesy.  It’s man-made, Bickle-ego-influenced and completely false.  Study it for yourself and you will see the truth.  ~

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Counterfeit Movement

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My Journey from IHOP to Truth


I first heard about the International House of Prayer movement a little over ten years ago but I didn’t begin studying the movement until three years ago.  What caused me to research was the fact that I had friends and loved ones involved in it and, as they told me about experiences and happenings at IHOP,  I began to see red flags and feel uncomfortable in my spirit.  Instead of saying anything to them, I decided to research it for myself.  I did this in the following ways:


  • I visited the IHOP in Kansas City prayer room on several occasions.


  • I spoke with current and past local pastors in the Kansas City area.


  • I read books written by IHOP founder, Mike Bickle.


  • I listened to recorded teachings by IHOP founder, Mike Bickle.


  • I began to tune-in to Godtv and the on-line IHOP gatherings.


  • I wrote to pastors listed in the Ernie Gruen Report.


  • I studied all of the self-proclaimed Kansas City Prophets, their recorded visions, dreams, angelic visitations, trips to Heaven, encounters with demons, etc.


  • I contacted organizations set-up for the sole purpose of studying evangelical movements across the United States and around different parts of the world.


  • I studied the NAR, Dominionism, Latter Rain, Manifest Sons of God, Elect Seed, Toronto Blessing, and many many more movements that shared the same core teachings and philosophy as that being taught at IHOP.


  • I searched online and read documentation from individual bloggers to newspapers to magazines to various organizations all posting either pro-IHOP information or against IHOP information.


  • I conversed via email with well over one hundred individuals who had come out of the IHOP movement and were willing to share their testimony about the innner workings of what transpired in Kansas City.


  • Lastly, and most importantly, I took everything I saw, read, heard and learned back to the Word of God and I sought wisdom therein.


When I say that the IHOP movement is based in false doctrine and manipulated Scripture it is said with the conviction of truth in my spirit.  The red flags are numerous and there are more going up every day.  My claims are not based on bias, disgruntled bloggers or manufactured lies, but rather on precise words of teaching that have come directly from the mouths of Mike Bickle and/or Lou Engle, and various other prophets/apostles and leaders within the movement.  It is not my intent to focus on these men and their personal lives, but rather on the spirit behind their words and their teachings.  God is the only one who can pass judgment.  However, His Word instructs us to beware and to be aware of false prophets and false teachers and to test every spirit against the Word of God.  To test the spirit behind this movement you must understand the spirit behind the movement; and to do that you must look at the history of those leading the movement; not for the purpose of condemnation, but for the purpose of indentification of the spirit.




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Investigation Part III – On the Inside of IHOP


The third portion of our investigation centered on eye witness reports by our team and testimonials received from those within IHOP.  These reports come from casual meetings on the IHOP campus, private discussions in individual apartments, conversations and interviews conducted off-site, teachings given on the campus by various individuals in leadership roles, incidents taking place in the prayer room, during private meetings, summer camps and during FSM classes.


Compiling the data has been an extensive task resulting in a unanimous decision that the International House of Prayer movement in Kansas City, led by Mike Bickle, is indeed a dangerous, cult-like organization utilizing mental, emotional and physical manipulation to facilitate the deception and brainwashing of its members.


Without tapping into the controversy that has surrounded Bickle since the 80’s, we can confidently state that Bickle has a power-hungry agenda, centered on the youth, wherein he profits not only financially at their expense, but derives global positioning through acts of deceptive spiritualism that are not based in Scripture.


Conclusive evidence supports the accusations that Bickle and his leadership team use fear tactics to mentally and emotionally bully their followers.


Conclusive evidence supports the claim that Bickle and his leadership team use psychological manipulations and hypnotic techniques to deceive their followers.


Conclusive evidence supports the conclusion that Bickle and his leadership team force their students and camp-goers to fast and pray at time intervals and lengths that are physically unhealthy to their bodies and their minds.  These mandatory fasts and prayer schedules cause sleep deprivation so severe at times the students incur hallucinations, fainting spells and nervous breakdowns.


Conclusive evidence supports that Bickle and his leadership team manipulate their students through the use of mandatory journaling assignments, which are then used as tools of deception under the pretense of receiving a prophetic word from God.


Conclusive evidence supports that Bickle and his leadership team utilize ancient witch-craft tactics to call up spirits and demonize their youthful followers. 


Ø  During our investigation we witnessed demon possessions and demon encounters with students screaming nightly in their beds, students rocking violently back and forth and clawing at their own flesh, students jerking wildly and chanting/laughing uncontrollably.


Ø  During our investigation we witnessed what is referred to as demonizing one another, where one person touches the other and the demon passes between them and manifests itself in outbursts that are often severe and violent.


Ø  During our investigation we witnessed several students who were fearful and pleaded to be able to leave or telephone their families and were denied the right to make contact.  They were told it was their own demons making them fearful and they needed to be set free.


Ø  During our investigation we witnessed FSM leaders who chanted ancient-type spells to conjure up so-called “revelations from the spirit.”  Some of these revelations were based on false information we deliberately placed in our investigator’s journal assignments, proving this wasn’t a revelation from God at all; but a mere fabrication and tactic of mental manipulation.


Ø  During our investigation we witnessed a group hypnosis in the prayer room, a sedation technique used to clear the mind and open the spirit to demonic revelations and activity.



Conclusive evidence based on the teachings of founder, Mike Bickle, supports the claim that Bickle does not adhere to Scripture, but rather changes it as he goes. 


Ø  He supports the notion of praying to the human spirit and asking for prophetic revelation. 


Ø  He supports the notion that prophesy does not need to be accurate and that God will sometimes give inaccurate prophetic words to see if his followers are paying attention. 


Ø  He supports the theology of the elected seed generation through the Manifest Sons of God, the movement of the Latter Rain and Joel’s Army.  These are theories outwardly refuted publically, but privately he and his staff lead their flock according to these guidelines and beliefs.


Ø  He dejects humanitarian efforts as a waste of time, stating humanitarianism is the groundwork for the Anti-Christ.


Ø  His focus is clearly on growing his army larger and larger and taking control of the political and economic free world.  In his office he was heard talking to a fellow leader and Bickle stated:  “Who else can we get to team with us, I mean, who are the biggest groups out there and how do we pull them in so that we will hold undeniably more power than the government.”


Our findings conclude that IHOP is Scripturally un-sound.


Ø  One investigator says, “I was in FSM for three months and I never once heard the message of Salvation through Christ.  All that is taught is how to go deeper in meditation and how to receive prophetic revelation from the spirit.”


Ø  One IHOP staff member stated, “The Bible isn’t the end-all, it’s just the beginning.  God has more to say and He’s saying it through us, through His elected seed.”


Ø  An IHOP team leader said this to a young woman begging to call her parents and go home,  “The Bible says even the prophet won’t be accepted in his home, so if you go back you are denying God the prophetic vision He wants to give you.  You’re not being obedient to Christ.”


Ø  An IHOP leader told a young man who had questioned some of what was being taught, “God offends the mind to reveal the heart and your heart is demon filled because you are questioning God.”


Ø  Four students were banished from the IHOP-KC campus for questioning the theology of the Latter Rain movement.  They were each told that they were “under the stronghold of generational sin and they needed to be sent to another location to be healed.”


Our results include more depth, however for the length of this report we have given an overview of some of our findings.  The root of the IHOP movement is not spiritually sound and in my personal opinion, evil things are occurring on the Kansas City campus.


We cannot speak for other House of Prayer locations in other cities or around the world, but our findings at the IHOP KC campus are conclusive. 


The International House of Prayer movement is man-centered, man-based and man-esteemed, rooted in inaccurate prophesy from the beginning and continues to grow in spiritual manipulation and deception.  This is, by our standards, a cult.




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Investigation Part II – On the Inside of IHOP

Below is PART II of the investigation report conducted by a private agency, hired to find out what was happening on the inside of IHOP-KC.  This agency was hired by a private family, not a business or a church organization, who set out to rescue one of the children from this movement.  If you haven’t read it, go read Investigation PART I, listed under my February blogs.


_________ Part II Report begins here__________________________________


I attended the Forerunner School of Ministry for a three month period of time in which I was able to conduct adequate research on the internal workings of IHOP-KC.  I can tell you with absolutely no hesitation that what is happening on the IHOP campus, at The Call meetings and at the One Thing meetings is not of God.  This is not just my personal opinion but my personal conviction as a result of what I have seen and heard as an insider.


My brain works in numbers so much of my data will be presented using numbers.


IHOP looks and feels very good on the outside.  It appears that there is a genuine love of Jesus when you peer at the surface level.  I believe most these folks do possess a genuine love for Him, and that they are good people for the most part, but they have been misguided, manipulated and misled to a point of mental and emotional breakdown, resulting in zombie-like lethargy if removed from the IHOP environment.  Many have lost their ability to function in the real world.


Upon entering the program I plotted a subject group of 40 individuals, male and female mixed, all under the age of 30 years old.  I had classes with many of these individuals, shared prayer room time slots, roomed with several of them and served on one of the worship teams with others.  During the course of three months, all 40 of these people began to exhibit signs of mental and physical fatigue and emotional exhaustion on a consistent basis.  All of them claimed to have had demons cast out of them and claim to have had the opportunity to cast demons out of someone else.    Over one quarter of them tried at one point to leave the program and were forbidden.   Over half these subjects were expressly told by a leader that they were not to contact their family members.  All subjects were subjected to mandatory fasts.  (The leaders will deny the fact that the fast is mandatory; however, students are forbidden to leave campus to buy food and the only food service place on campus is shut down, thereby enforcing a mandatory fast.) Over one quarter of the students had food forcefully removed from their apartments.  All 40 subjects claimed to have had a prophetic word given to them by God and ironically each word was information directly from either their application or their journals.


Subject Group:  40 persons


Documented demonic possessions:  246


Tried to leave and were forbidden:  12


Told not to contact family members:  23


Forced to fast:  40


Food forcefully taken from their apartments:  13


Information abused to give the appearance of a prophetic word: 40


Many of the students were reprimanded for expressing doubts about some of the theology being taught in the Forerunner School of Ministry.  When these doubts were expressed and questions were asked, students were publically humiliated and made to feel guilty for their “ungodliness.”  Anyone who questioned the theology was placed under constant and careful surveillance to the point that they were literally living every moment in fear.  If they had food it was confiscated “for their own good” so that they could fast and pray without distraction.  They’re prayer room assignments were lengthened so that it was difficult, with class schedules, to find any time to sleep.  Through these tactics of starvation and sleep deprivation the student was brought back to a place of submission to the ideals being taught.  IF that submission was not achieved, they were removed from the program altogether, publically condemned for not being one of the elected seeds and ridiculed by their peers.  The leaders also instructed other students to isolate themselves from the “trouble-maker.”   Of my subject group,  12 began questioning, 2 of the 12 ended up hospitalized for dehydration and sickness, 4 of the 12 were removed from the program for refusing to accept what was being force fed and the other 6 broke down under the weight of peer pressure and exhaustion. 


It is my professional opinion, based on these results that IHOP is not Christ following ministry, despite the fact that they say they love Jesus outwardly.  Jesus is not the focus of this ministry.  In fact, during my three months in the program, I never heard the message of salvation through Jesus Christ taught or even remotely discussed.  The constant emphasis is on the movement of the Holy Spirit.  Praise is not given to Jesus, but voices or praise are rather lifted to invoke the Spirit to come and provide revelation.


During my time on one of the worship teams I gained insight into a behind the scenes look at how some of the manipulation works.  First, worship team leaders are taught a very specific way to lead worship.  They are instructed to follow a mantra, which is chosen ahead of time by the leaders.  There are levels of mantras and we were instructed that if those in the prayer room appear disconnected, to up the mantra to the next level.  There is a basic set of chords to be played repetitively for a pre-set amount of time, usually a minimum of ten minutes is required before altering the chord combination.  This is all done to induce relaxation and assist those in the prayer room to reach deeper levels of meditative spirituality.


Of the 40 subjects I studied, 29 of the 40 expressed having visions of angels and demons;    16 of the 40 expressed hearing an audible voice (they assumed to be God) speaking to them while in the prayer room; 7 of the 40 were visited by a spiritual being they called Emma; 4 of the 40 were visited by a spiritual being they called Dante; 21 of the 40 experienced jerking, twitching, and uncontrolled convulsing.  ALL of these documented experiences were isolated ONLY to the prayer room.


At one point during my assignment in the Forerunner School of Ministry, I was chosen with three others to meet with the Director of FSM, Mike Bickle (also the founder of the IHOP movement).  I had heard many things about him prior to our meeting.  We were taken to his office and he lifted his hands and prayed over us, as new leaders of worship, “chosen for the harp and bowl” he said, “selected to guide the prayers of the saints and usher in the second coming of our Lord.”   He spoke prophetic words over each of us, words he claimed to be given to him directly from God.  The words he spoke over me were directly (almost verbatim) from my journal entry that had been turned into my group leader the day before.  He slid open a panel in his office wall and had each of us look through it into the prayer room and he told us he would be watching us “guide the flock” in prayer and worship.  The meeting had more of an “I’m watching you” threatening undertone than it did a positive vibe.  He then instructed us in meditation, specifically what was to be said and in what order; and made us write down his instructions.  I have included these instructions in my report:


1.       Speak slowly


2.       Speak softly


3.       Speak briefly (short phrases or even just one word)


4.       Speak minimally (listen more than you speak)


5.       Pause a lot (linger in waiting mode, emptying your spirit)


6.       Pray with your spirit (focus your mind and direction to the Holy Spirit)


7.       Release gentle sighs and moans (focus on the Holy Spirit, talk to Him)


8.       Gaze into silence (feel the divine magnet pull you and let it take you)


Then we were instructed to chant the following things aloud, waiting five or ten minutes before moving to the next one.  He called this the “TRUST” method.  We were to chant these five things using the above instructions:


1.       Thank you Holy Spirit.


2.       Release Revelation.


3.       Use Me  (add in every three or four phrases:  use me to prophesize and become a vessel of the manifestations of the spirit.)


4.       Strengthen Me (add in every three of four phrases:  it takes the power of God to feel God)


5.       Teach me


Never once was Jesus or Christ of God mentioned in this equation, but rather the focus was on praying to the Holy Spirit and seeking prophetic revelation, visions and signs and wonders.  I noted while taking notes how many times Mr. Bickle instructed us to “pray to the Holy Spirit” and it was 36 times in our meeting which lasted under an hour.


_______________________________End PART II report here ______________________________


Later this week I will post the PART III.









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Investigation Part I – On the Inside of IHOP

PART I  –  An inside investigators report of IHOP.


I was part of the investigative team that went into the IHOP-KC and I’d like to share something that I witnessed during my time there.


First of all, the application itself was extensive and asked many questions of a very personal nature.  This information was later shared with my team leader who tried to use it against me.  Keep in mind, all of the information on my application was false, as I basically created my persona to go in undercover.  One of the examples is that I wrote down that my parents were divorced.  (My real parents are not divorced and are actually happily married, a marriage lasting 28 years and counting.)   I told no one else that my parents were divorced and the only place it was written was on my application.  So, when my team leader told me that “God had given her a prophetic word for me” and that it was about the “deep sadness I was holding in my heart from my parent’s divorce,” I knew she had seen my application AND was using information on it to try and make me believe God was speaking to her and through her.  It was an outright lie.


This was not the last time something from my false application was used to try and suck me into believing God was speaking to one of the leaders.  In the prayer room there were two occasions when one of the members spoke a word over me about things that were not true of the real me, but were based on the information in my fake application.  One was about drug use, of which I’ve never used drugs.  (I smoked pot in college once but I didn’t like it.)  The other was about my sexual preferences, in which I was told that Satan was trying to lead me down a path of homosexual destruction and that God had brought me here to repent and one man even went as far as to wave his arms in the air above my head and proclaim to be releasing homosexual spirits from me.  Keep in mind, I’m not a homosexual nor have I ever had a homosexual encounter or even a desire to cross to the other side. EVERYTHING the supposedly received from God came right off the pages of my fake application.  This is a manipulation of information and a ploy of mental deception to try and pull people into the experience of God, which at IHOP-KC, isn’t of or about God at all.


All students were forced to journal daily and give their journals to their team leaders.  We were required to confess everything and when journals were turned in that did not contain the secrets of the soul, that person was publically chastised, forced to fast for a period of time, given longer assignments in the prayer room and longer journaling time alone.  They were also followed by other members to make sure they didn’t speak to anyone about IHOP in a negative manner.   One day I wrote in my journal that I had suicidal thoughts.  (Again, this couldn’t be further from the truth, but I wanted to see what they would do about it.)  That night in the prayer room one of the worship leaders called my name and told me that God sees me and knows that I’ve been wanting to take my life and that He was telling me to go deeper in Him.  This wasn’t a message from God, it was a lie based on something I wrote in my journal.


Everything at IHOP-KC is a manipulation.  It’s like a big magic show only the magicians are being fed information from journals and applications and using it to trick people into thinking God knows their hearts and is speaking to them. 


Their other magic act is calling up demons and threatening anyone who questions them.



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Private Investigator Finds Fault in IHOP


This is the report given by the Private Investigator who was hired by a family to seek out the truth about what was happening behind closed doors at IHOP-KC.  Their daughter had been involved in the movement and based on her experience and the things she shared with them, they hired a private investigator to seek truth.  (If you would like to read the full story behind their reasons for hiring this team of investigators, read my blog entitled “A Mother’s Letter.”)


For obvious reasons the name of the Investigative agency must remain confidential to protect the people who actually conducted their research within the IHOP organization; research they believe should be conducted on an on-going basis due to the nature of what they saw happening inside.


The report in its entirety is twelve pages long and for the sake of space and time I’m only going to list their findings and not go in depth into describing every detail or the statistical data they produced. If you want the full-version, email me and I will send it to you.




We conducted research in a variety of venues at the IHOP facility in Kansas City, MO.  Our client was concerned with what was transpiring in the youth summer camps as well as in the Forerunner School of Ministry.  We sent a team of individuals to observe and gain insight in the various formats and facets of the IHOP dynamic. Our findings were disturbing, but we will start by documenting the minor observances first.


1.    When entering a Christian establishment, one would expect to be greeted with an outward portrayal of friendliness and kindness; but it is exactly opposite at IHOP-KC. Each member of our team entered separate, some weeks apart in their assignments, and each member reported a negative experience at the initial onset. No one smiled or greeted them and there was a general aloofness toward their presence.  Even when several members of our team asked for directional assistance, they were made to feel inadequate for not knowing the proper protocol. 


2.    There is a distinct insider lingo within the establishment and if you do not know how to speak it you are treated as an outsider.  Instantly, it is known that other churches, other religions and other religious establishments are lacking.  It is outright stated that IHOP is the way and is the new emerging church in the world.


3.    There is a zombie feel to the place and by that I mean everyone looks, acts and speaks the same.  There is no individuality, no exuberance of joy and happiness, but rather an outward expression of somber depression.  The members are predominantly young people (early 20’s) but unlike your typical young person who is filled with excitement and walks the halls chatting and laughing, these students of the Lord appear low-energy, zoned out and lacking in all motivation.


4.    Students in the FSM and those attending summer camps are required to journal and turn their journals into their team leaders on a weekly basis.  Some of the journaling assignments were of a specific and personal nature that made many of the students feel uncomfortable.  (i.e. Confess all of your sexual sin, confess your inner thoughts about sexual sin and how it makes God feel, etc.)  Anyone who did not complete the assignment was isolated from their groups and punished with lengthier assignments, mandatory fasts and longer time services in the prayer room.


5.    The students are assigned seating in the prayer room and not allowed to trade seating assignments.


6.    The students are forbidden to have contact with anyone outside of IHOP-KC during the weekdays and if behavior warrants, they are allowed to contact their families on the weekends.


7.    They are taught that their families will question them and even tell them what they are doing is wrong.  They are told to isolate themselves from anyone who questions what they are doing at IHOP.  They are told specifically that everyone who questions them does not, will not and cannot understand because they are not chosen as the elect seed in the ushering in of God’s kingdom, and are distracted by religious thinking.


8.    If a student shows any sign of doubting what is happening, they are assigned leaders who follow them and keep close watch over them, so they do not distract anyone else, and they are forbidden to hang out with any of their friends.


9.    If a student shows any sign of doubt, they are rebuked through an intervention of two or more leaders, forced to fast and to spend more time in the prayer room, and some are even forced to leave the IHOP program altogether.


10. If a student shows any sign of doubt, they are told it is from demons they have allowed to enter their thoughts and it is from the generational sin of their parents and grandparents.


11. The leaders take the journals, read them and then report special findings to the worship team who then, using the assigned seating, prophetically speaks over the person utilizing the information they learned from the person’s journal.  I must elaborate on this item because my team tested this by writing false information inside the journal.  A few days later that false information was then prayed over her in the prayer room, almost verbatim to what she had written within the pages of her journal. 


12. Those in the Forerunner School of Ministry are taught techniques adherent to witchcraft and the occult, some of which include the summoning of demonic spirits, using touch to transfer power from one to another and the chanting of mantras.


13. All students are taught to pray inwardly and focus on the human spirit.  They are taught how to meditate, pray to and ask the Holy Spirit for prophetic visions.  Those visions are then to be recorded in their journals and given immediately to their leaders.


14. Summer camp for the youth consists primarily of meditative worship, fasting and journaling.  This is not a summer camp where the child learns scripture from the Bible or where the salvation of the Lord is being taught.  They feed the students a minimal amount.  They force the students to spend hours in the prayer room with no breaks.  They allow the children little time for sleep.  They are forbidden to listen to music other than what is offered at IHOP, which only consists of meditative mantra meditation songs, they are not allowed televisions or computers or any device which will enable them to maintain a grasp on the outside world or reality.  Cell phones are confiscated on day one of summer camp and are not returned until the last day. 



During our investigative time there, several students wept and begged their leaders to be able to telephone their parents and were denied this right.



Several students became ill from the lack of food and lack of sleep and were denied the right to contact their parents for medication or medical advice.  Instead, they were prayed over by their leaders.



One student was finally allowed to leave after maintaining a fever of 103 degrees for a 72 hour period.  (We later learned she was hospitalized for dehydration.)



One child tried to leave the facility to walk to a fast food restaurant and buy food for him and his roommates and was discovered and punished by spending the next twenty-four hours without food and alone in a room to do nothing but journal.



15. People are afraid to speak up because of the punishment and guilt that is laid publically upon them.


16. One of my reporters stated that the negative force of demons being prayed out of people was so strong in the hallways she was actually afraid to leave her room.


17. The leaders are manifesting demonic interactions with these children, causing them to jerk, twitch, tremble, shake, fall on the ground and roll around, foam at the mouth and even vomit.  They are teaching the kids that these experiences are the workings of the Holy Spirit and that they are experiencing God’s movement.


18. The Forerunner School of Ministry teacher (I’ll leave out names so not to personalize this information against any one particular teacher.) teaches the students that God shows up only when they empty their body and their mind of all thoughts.


19. All members are taught that the Holy Spirit comes to offend the thinking and offend rational ideas and offend everything they have been previously taught about religion and God.


20. Tactics of manipulation, deprivation (both sleep and food) and guilt by association are all strongly used against the members to solidify their need for more.


21. I had the pleasure of sending in a reporter to pose as someone conducting an interview to promote IHOP.  His findings were eye-opening.  Here are just a few:


·         There is a particular method to worshiping and praying and meditation and there is no room or allowance for freedom within these things.


·         Members are not MADE to fast, but they close down the only shop that offers food at the discretion of the leadership and don’t allow the students off campus to purchase food elsewhere; thereby instating a mandatory fast without saying it.   When the reporter questioned this, the leader stated that “God works in mysterious ways and He helps us be obedient to His word and His word says we are to fast.”


·         Everyone must attend classes to learn to meditate and to learn to prophesy.  There is no personal preference or freedom here.  Anyone who is not meditating properly will be escorted from the prayer room and taught the proper method.  When the reporter asked how they could tell if a person was meditating correctly, the leader said it was “by the manifestation of the spirit” in that particular person.  He went on to say, “we can tell if someone is for real or not through the discernment of the Lord.” That, and the fact that they have bouncers walking the room and various tiny viewing doors that leaders can open at random and spy on what is happening inside the prayer room. 


·         When the reporter asked if people could come to the prayer room and pray anytime, he was told that students are scheduled to pray at certain times and must adhere to that schedule.  They match the worship team, the style of music and the students who respond most positively together and assign them particular hours.


22. IHOP is an extremely controlled environment.  It is not a place of free worship or free prayer and it is not even really about praising God as much as it is about the guidelines toward spiritual revelation that is thought to be from God. 


In the sixteen weeks my team was on the inside we heard very little scripture, very little about Jesus, and nothing about salvation through Christ, which is the fundamental teaching of Christianity.  We were taught meditation, encountered demonization, witnessed severe sensory depravation, endured tactics of guilt, emotional manipulation and witnessed public humiliation.  Our findings are conclusive that IHOP is not an establishment of the Lord, for the Lord, by the Lord. If you’re thinking of sending your child, think again.  This is a cult group.


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Cult Tactic 101: Isolationism

Why is it so difficult to break free from something like the IHOP (International House of Prayer) organization?


There are many reasons. Indoctrination, manipulation, and isolation to name a few; not to mention they target the youth who are less experienced in discernment, lack the wisdom that comes with age and the Biblical fortitude of years of study.  Like any “cult-type” structure they use tactics that promote a dangerously deep emotional, psychological and spiritual dependency among members.  Some people call IHOP a “cult” and others do not.  Regardless of what term is used, the fact remains that it promotes both anti-Biblical activity and bases those activities on a foundation of twisted Scripture.


Over the next several weeks I will break this down into three parts:  Isolation, Indoctrination and Manipulation.   I will give examples of each and factual evidence of these tactics being used today at IHOP in Kansas City.




Isolationism is the number one mind-controlling, awareness-altering tactic used in cult-like organizations.  When dealing with an evangelical Christian organization, isolationism becomes an even greater tool because it is used to solidify trust in the leadership.  IHOP leaders teach attendees that they will be persecuted for their beliefs and commitment to God. The Bible clearly states that Christians should expect to endure persecution from the world, just as Jesus himself did.  However, IHOP doesn’t place the emphasis for persecution on the world, but rather on fellow believers in Christ; and they don’t emphasize that the persecution will be against the movement, but rather against their walk with God. This emphasis is to such a degree that there are numerous documented cases of leaders advising members to stay away from their families, have no contact with friends outside of IHOP and cut off all communication with their parents. In some of the younger students attending summer camps, the leadership has gone as far as to deny the child the right to telephone their parents, despite the fact that they requested to leave numerous times.  There are also a number of documented cases of children stating that they were told “not to tell your parents what goes on here” and that “they (their parents) wouldn’t understand.”


There are several isolation techniques happening here. First, to emphasize that members will be attacked by other Christians causes a mindset that they are different than other believers; when Christ clearly states that all believers are one body in Him.  Overall, this causes division in the church or body of Christ as a whole.  Second, to emphasize that the persecution will be against their walk with God lends itself to a defensive mindset.  This is intentional.  They want members to build a wall around their minds and hearts and view any question as an attack on their commitment to Christ instead of as a questioning of the movement’s fundamental beliefs.  This personalization technique takes the heat off of the movement by making the member feel personally persecuted.  It is a mental and spiritual manipulation of the mind.


Why is this tactic so powerful?


When a young person is told that their parents will question them and even become angry at them for their service to the Lord, it builds a sub-conscious barrier.  Then, when their parents actually do question because they see changes in behavior or red flags, their outreach of love is viewed as an attack, which thereby becomes a confirmation to them that they must be on the right path… because their IHOP leader said it would happen and it did.  Thus, a false trust has been established.


IHOP promotes an internal language unique only to their members, which is an isolation tactic making it more difficult over time for them to relationally adapt to the outside world.  It also makes it challenging for their friends and family on the outside to understand what they are saying much of the time.  It’s called relational division and it’s a very powerful psychological tool.


These are just a couple intentional tactics to promote isolation and division being used in IHOP today.  There are many others and I will continue to post them as time allows.


Let me leave you with this thought:  Satan knows a house divided will crumble, thus he divides in subtle ways.   If he can weaken the Body of Christ by tearing apart churchs, breaking up marriages, destroying relationships, shredding families and annihilating friendships, all supposedly in the name of God; look at the power he has gained.  To be successful in his destruction, Satan doesn’t need a person to be looking at him, he only needs to distract the person so they cannot see the truth.


If you are involved in IHOP or know people who are…. please pray for those demonic strongholds to be broken and for their eyes to be opened.  If you have never studied this organization, please do so before blindly stepping into what looks like a beautiful pond but is a demonic cess pool beneath. ~

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IHOP Hackers

I woke up this morning to several security alerts, and the gist of what I found out was that someone from Argentina hacked into my blog account last night and attempted to delete every blog I had written on the topic of IHOP.  Ironically, they did not try to touch any of my personal blogs or blogs about my books or the writing process.  I have obviously increased the security on my account and notified the proper people to look out for any further suspicious activity.  Let me also add that the security team at Google are running a check on the IP address, as we realize that just because it is registered in Argentina doesn’t mean the hacker is actually in that country.


To the hacker:  Nice try, but even if you succeed in deleting the IHOP information and in shutting down this account, you will fail in guieting the movement of God against false teachers and false prophets like those at IHOP.  All of my articles are backed-up in various locations and another site will magically appear with all of the information you deleted.  So, save us both some time and go back to your slow, repetitive, chanting meditations where you listen for false revelations from false spirits, and leave me alone. ~

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Courage to Speak


This is an email I received and I wanted to share it with my readers.  You’ve heard the story before, but every person’s testimony is meaningful and helpful in opening the eyes of others ensnared in this movement.  Thank you for entrusting me with your story.



Dear StopIHOPcult,

My story is similar to many of the others you posted and I want to say first that I am grateful for a safe place to share my testimony.  I thought of starting my own blog but am not yet ready to have my identity out there.  I still have many friends in IHOP and I am hoping and praying they will be freed as I was.


I started as a student at IHOP over a year ago and as others have said, I thought it was incredible at first.  Everyone was so kind and seemed to have such a deep and rich love for Jesus.  It got me excited to be there and to be around other believers.  It ignited my passion for Jesus and I wanted to do nothing but pray and tell people about the power of God.  After a while, though, I began to see some things that didn’t set right inside me.  You know that feeling you get inside when you’re a little kid about to do something wrong, it was that sort of feeling. I started to get that feeling every time I went into the prayer room to worship and pray.  Something was telling me this wasn’t right.  I started to berate myself and feel guilty for not having the heart for God that my friends and roommates had because they were all way into it.  One day while in the prayer room one of my roommates spoke and shared a prophetic vision she had.  A couple days later there were a bunch of people in the prayer room who started convulsing and twitching uncontrollably from a movement of the Holy Spirit.  Nothing was happening to me, but my best friend was twitching.  The next day I asked her what it was like to feel the Holy Spirit like that and she admitted to me that she was faking it.  I was shocked.  She admitted that she just wanted to fit in, which was a feeling I understood completely.  If you didn’t talk the talk and walk the walk and have prophetic words coming forth and fall over from the power of the Holy Spirit, you just weren’t a part of what was happening and would soon be isolated from everyone else.  There is an extremely high level of peer pressure and pressure from the leaders inside.


My roommates had prophetic visions a lot, one so much so that she was called in to meet with Mike Bickle and Lou Engle personally.  After that meeting she was never the same.  It’s hard to describe but she became a prayer room junkie.  It was like she was snorting coke only the coke was the worship in the prayer room.  By the time I left IHOP she had dropped below 100 pounds and looked disgusting and despite me and some others begging her to eat, she refused, stating God had told her to fast and pray without ceasing. 


There’s something wrong with the worship being done in the prayer room.  They aren’t praising God and they aren’t worshipping Jesus either.  Some of the lyrics will start that way, but they then become shortened to sometimes even one word that is sang over and over and chanted hundreds of times.  The idea is to call forth the Holy Spirit to reveal prophetic revelation, but I know what they are calling forth is not the Holy Spirit.  Demons are there, talking to people and entering people and there’s a dark spirit.  I know it sounds crazy and that’s why I haven’t started my own blog yet, I’m afraid people will think I’m crazy.  But I know what I’ve seen and felt and I know God freed me for a reason.


Mike Bickle says he doesn’t teach the theories of MSOG and Latter Rain but he really does and he knows he does and in front of many of the long term students there are jokes made about not calling it what it really is in the public eye because the “evangelical harlots” will get upset.  One of my roommates worked in the office at IHOP and she said that Mike Bickle and Lou Engle meet with several others on a regular basis to call forth the spirits and ask them what to do next.  She said it looks and sounds like a séance. 


All of this, though, isn’t what drove me from IHOP.  It was that verse in the Bible that tells us to test the spirits in I John 4:1.  It says we are to test the spirits because many false prophets have gone out into the world.  I knew that the Bible told us to beware of false prophets and false teachers, but when I started asking questions to test the spirits I was immediately reprimanded by my leader and warned that if I didn’t stop asking questions I would be removed from the program.  Even my friends warned me to be quiet.  I met with all of my roommates and told them my doubts and the roommate who had been meeting privately with Mike and Lou became agitated and told me I was on a path of destruction.   The next morning I was called into a meeting with three team leaders, one of which was mine, and they told me that testing the spirits didn’t mean questioning the method or the spirit, but what it meant was that “sometimes prophetic words can be inaccurate because of the human spirit that gets in the way.”  They said that it was the error from “mixing humanity and divinity.”  I knew this wasn’t right.  They were twisting the Scripture but I was too afraid to defend the Word in their presence.  They warned me not to talk to other students about this and threatened that if I spoke to my parents or family about this I would be kicked out of the program.  I was very scared.


When I got back to my apartment, my roommates told me they were moving out until I got my head on straight and they left  that night and stayed with other friends.  The next day in classes and in the prayer room, no one spoke to me or even acknowledged I was there, not even my best friend. Our seating arrangement had been changed and I was moved away from everyone else.  I was also assigned two people to watch over me and make sure I didn’t talk to anyone about my doubts.  I was completely isolated simply because I had the nerve to question so I could test the spirits.


I called my mom and she drove several hours to come and get me because I didn’t have a car and I didn’t have any money.  I told my parents everything that happened and everything I had seen and heard and they were very upset.  My dad placed a call to Mike Bickle but he never returned the call.  My mom sent an email to him, but that was never answered either.


I promise you with every part of my being, IHOP is a demonic tool and the leaders know it and they’re training people to channel demons and channel prophetic words (most of which aren’t true and never come true). They twist the Word and use deep meditation to call up spirits. It’s dangerous to the mind and the body and the heart.  I can’t prove it to you but this is a bad place and people shouldn’t let their kids attend the camps or the One Thing conference.  Please pray for people to be freed from this.  There is such an evil spirit there. 



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