Exposing the Sham

This is a letter posted to the StopIhopCult Facebook page.  Support Shawn in exposing IHOP and Mike Bickle for what they really are:  A Sham   (contact Shawn via Twitter, address listed at the end of the article)

Biography: I support the movement known as “Anonymous”. My goal is to expose the false prophets of the Kansas City Evangelical Christian movement. Why? I grew up in a cult/neighborhood church in the late 80′s. The men (false prophets) of the church are all but ONE dead; unfortunately the remaining member of “kansas city fellowship” has started another cult, and it is big million dollar big(a year). This “church” called Ihop (not the pancake house) the International House Of Prayer or their new one kc forerunner fellowship. Why not just leave them alone? I cant. The key word here is “International” This is how the founder and current pastor M.B. funds this Doomsday cult of martyr’s. 90% of the members are in their twenties, and they think their training to be missionaries, but the “end times” have been prophesied by the pastor. Fear, immigrant small business loans, lies and religious visas are the tools of the new face of Christianity. This movement has roots in almost every church in America. Know a false prophet? You can trace him back to “Kansas City Prophets” Now for the good parts, Number one sign of a cult- Isolationism, the members have been instructed to unplug all media outlets(maybe the 500, 000 post on Google haunt him, but he doesn’t have to worry. This is how it works, he calls his church a missions school, so internationally anybody can get a religious visa from almost any country as long as they have an institute to accept them (IHOP) then when they arrive here usually with nothing but belief until M.B. helps them all get the small business loan for their new business “A Missionary” Conveniently a semester of bible thumping cost the same amount as the basic loan, once they give it to the church there broke hungry and immobile so they have to rely on the church. This is how over 50, 000 young adults are living right now right here. They are also linked to “The Promise Keepers” I know it was once a simple movement with a good promise, all men called to treat their families better, now they have 500, 000 men that don’t know the promise has changed. Promise Keepers is now basically “IHOPS” personal sleeper cell. Why should you care? This man “Mike Bikle” will unite his forerunners(martyr’s) will Islamic Jihad and bring it to our shores. He is trying to force the sky open and bring “armagedon” in nuclear war only the 1% survive. I don’t hate God or Christians, but I knew this man was a fraud since I was 10. This cult is very dangerous if you Google it you’ll see, if you go to their service which I recommend, you will find great rock music 24 hour “Healing Rooms” but please don’t drink the kool-aid just listen. We need to expose this man to his followers, one thing young adults cant do is turn of their smartphone so twitter could stop a war, one that nobody but jihadist are talking about, until 1999 when he had his 10th vision in 10 years. He sees himself as the right hand of Jesus and possesses “The Holy Gost” We must stop this please Google this and read about the families turned and destroyed, mothers posting on Google about their child no longer caring about them and feeling superior. Ihop members, this is to YOU, I know Bikle better than anyone in that church and he will lead you to death not the rapture. its in Grandview MO 2 miles west of 71 off red bridge rode its on a hill on the left in a strip mall, don’t be fooled they own 3 square miles of Grandview and used criminal tactics to buy out all the nearby businesses. It was allegedly a vision of the physical manifestation of Christ who gave him the Idea, that’s a lie it wasn’t his idea. The real missionaries I knew left in 1988 because of this, they went to Guatemala built a school and hospital all from donations and the’re still there and still poor and still good people. This man caused the end of my church when I was 11 then I was thrown into larger cults, then I rebelled HARD. The one Pastor that ousted him died in 2009 his name was Ernie Gruen, but he was a smart man, he wrote an in depth report titled “the abbreverant practices of KC Fellowship”. His son is still standing up for his dad. I intend to start where Ernie Gruen left offl below is a video about mike bikles current open vision for America. YOU DECIDE

Twitter Username @shawn35null


Mike Bickle’s open vision about America


Watch the entire message here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1764287155431906209&hl=en From the Onething


About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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