Still A Snake


On IHOP’s website there is a series of affirmations and denials, wherein Mike Bickle tries to distance his organization from the discredited Latter Rain movement.  I already posted that this is a lie because the Latter Rain is mentioned in the 2002 release of the Blueprint Prophesy, later removed by Bickle in the 2006 release of this “foundational document” that was supposedly given to him by a mystery prophet of God.


Additionally, Bickle denies any belief in the Joel’s Army teaching, which is one of the key teachings of the Latter Rain stating that an end-time church will arise with great power and defeat God’s enemies during the Great Tribulation. Bickle believes, through his IHOP movement, he is raising up that end-time army now, calling them Forerunners.


Leaders of the New Apostolic Reformation have picked up this concept and now teach the same thing. One cannot overlook the concrete evidence that Mike Bickle’s past associations with prophets like Paul Cain of the Latter Rain era still influence his teachings even today.  Let’s take a closer look:


Bickle claims that the church will not only go through the Great Tribulation, but the church will cause it:


“We’re not absent for the great tribulation, now listen carefully, the church causes the great tribulation. What I mean by that – it’s the church, it’s the praying church under Jesus’ leadership that’s loosing the judgment in the great tribulation in the way that Moses stretched forth his rod and prayed and loosed the judgments upon Pharaoh. The church in the tribulation is in the position that Moses was before Pharaoh but it won’t be a Pharaoh and Egypt, it’ll be the great end time Pharaoh called the antichrist and the book of Revelation is a book about the judgments of God on the antichrist loosed by the praying church.”  ~ Mike Bickle


In both Bickle’s eschatology and that of the Latter Rain, an elite end-time church defeats God’s enemies, and Jesus is “held in the heavens” until it happens. 


Bickle also believes Christians must adopt a certain version of prayer before Christ can return.  He explains it here:


“Right now the prayer movement is growing fast….really fast! But when I say it’s growing fast instead of one percent of the Body of Christ taking hold of it, maybe 10 percent. It’s….you know it’s like 10 times bigger than it was a generation ago, but beloved as fast as the prayer movement is growing, where people are getting hold of it, still for 90 percent of the Body of Christ it’s not even on their mind. Jesus is not coming until the Body of Christ globally is crying out “Come Lord Jesus, Come Lord Jesus, Come Lord Jesus” and they don’t just say “come and forgive me” they are crying out in the understanding of who they are as the one that is cherished by Jesus in the bridal identity.”.


Note the elitism. Bickle refers to people who have adopted his movement, and by implication has rendered useless the practice of praying in the manner the Bible teaches—with regard to God executing His plans for the earth. Bickle has rendered God powerless and himself powerful enough to hold Jesus in the heavens and usher in the end-times.  Can anyone say EGO????


The proof that this is false teaching is in Revelation 22:17: “And the Spirit and the bride say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.”


First, it is not clear whether the Spirit and bride are asking Christ to come, or whether the Spirit and bride are inviting all to come to Christ to find salvation (as the last part of the verse does). The truth is Bickle doesn’t know whether the verse is an invitation to salvation or a call for Christ to return. No one knows for sure, though through his own arrogance he claims to possess this privileged information.


Second, in either case, the passage does NOT address only some elite end-time group that has a special bridal paradigm revelation. The church has been praying for Christ’s return ever since He gave us the Lord’s Prayer. Every time we receive the Lord’s Supper and thus “proclaim the Lord’s death until He comes,” we implicitly state our longing for His return.  That’s what “Thy kingdom come” means. It is abusive to imply that Christians throughout the centuries had inadequate prayer because they lacked a personal revelation that cannot be validly derived from Scripture. 


Another idea that Bickle emphasizes in his IHOP movement is that the greatest revival lies ahead and will be contemporary with the Great Tribulation. This fits from a Latter Rain perspective, but, wait a second, Bickle denies he has ever had any affiliation with the Latter Rain, so then where does it come from?  Where is it taught in Scripture?


Hold onto your hats folks, because this next wrangling of scripture is impressive.


Bickle claims that Matthew 24 teaches that the greatest revival indeed lies ahead and will be contemporary with the Great Tribulation.  He says:  “There’s so many principles in this [parable of the virgins] parable. It is an end time parable, I tell you it is. It is for the people and for when the crisis and the revival of the great Matthew 24 is unfolding.”


There are 51 verses in Mathew 24.  I have read them and re-read them many times and from many different translations.  I’m not going to take up the space by copying and pasting them here, but I encourage you to read them for yourself.  Nowhere in Matthew 24 does it talk about an end-time revival where Christians defeat God’s enemies, but Bickle claims the teaching exists there.  He says:


“We’re still in Matthew 24 it’s all about the end times—Matthew 24 and then the three parables. Jesus is preparing the church through these three parables to walk in victory in the hour of the greatest revival in history and the greatest time of trouble in history—it’s called the Great Tribulation.”


The Bible simply does not teach this revival. It says there will be people coming to faith during the Tribulation, but most of them will be martyred. The idea of the revival Bickle describes is a Latter Rain teaching that came from allegorizing Old Testament passages about the agricultural seasons in Israel. Bickle repeatedly refers to this non-existent revival and makes it the centerpiece of his allegorical version of the parable of the virgins.


What he is teaching is the eschatological doctrine of the Latter Rain combined with the false teachings of the Manifest Sons of God.  In both movements, Jesus cannot return for the church because the church is supposedly “defeated” or “lacking revelations.” In both movements, it is the church, and not God Himself, who defeats God’s enemies during the Tribulation. In both movements all Christians are considered unenlightened and lacking, except those elites who are privy to special experiences and revelations. Both movements predict an expected end-time revival that is greater than anything that has gone before. Both movements are NOT Biblical!


Mike Bickle denies any attachment to the Latter Rain or the Manifest Sons of God because those movements have been publically discredited.  BUT, he still adheres to the foundation of those teachings and re-names them something new, when they are indeed something very, very old.  He wrangles truth, twists scripture and changes titles to in essence trick his followers into believing God has given him some new found revelation.  Does that sound like anyone else we see in the Bible? How about a certain snake in Genesis 3?





About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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