Six Letters Exposing the IHOP Truth

Here are letters/posts from six people who have personally experienced IHOP:



Thank you so much for this blog, and for speaking out for what you think is right. I’ve been very big into IHOP music, and I performed on sets at a House of Prayer in Mississippi for several years. I can definitely attest to many of the things written on this site… One thing in particular, as I’ve begun to see the House of Prayer I was at from the outside looking in, I’ve begun to sense the spirit of control that was in that place. I felt in bondage to go pray a certain amount of hours, and that is not biblical. And the more I think about it, the more all of this stuff is tied in with the music; some of my friends at that house of prayer are almost obsessed with it, they don’t listen to anything else. The gate is truly narrow. It saddens me how many well-meaning people get caught up in something like this. I find it easy for myself now to shun every “revival” that I see.




At the IHOP-KC everyone had to sign the Sacred Trust to guarantee how many hours you committed to spend in the prayer room. The Bible says pray always-certainly not sign a piece of paper to make a commitment to some leader or movement. Part of the trust was also to agree that you would not speak against the IHOP leadership and be faithful to the teachings of the ministry. Anyone not signing the trust was no longer welcome to be part of the mission base. The Bible also warns about making covenants and that is what this is.  There isn’t ever much emphasis placed on the Sacred Trust contract outside of IHOP staff. The casual attendee is for the most part ignorant of such a document.




IHOP is like a secret society – which I have suspected for a while now. Secret Societies always have their attendees sign/swear oaths – completely against Jesus’s warning not to.  Jesus says:  Don’t use repetitious prayer. Hello! Comtemplative!  Don’t swear oaths: Hello! Sign the Sacred Trust.  What’s next – bow down and worship Bickle?




Brian Tamaki (Destiny Church) has actually been doing mystical wedding ceremonies and marrying the congregations to the leaders! What is at stake for the world-view these people hold to is nothing less than total submission to a “Corporate Christ” or “Many-Membered Manchild” by the “Corporate Bride. You are made part of the “Bride” through the classical Mystery School Initiations and magical rituals performed at OneThing and TheCall events. When you were coerced into laying on the floor and crying “Jesus, Marry Us!!” you asked to be wed to the Ein Sof, Adam Kadmon, and Wisdom Sophia of the Kabbalah.”  Brian Tamaki went one step further and did an outright ceremony, having all the males take an oath to him and giving them all rings!






IHOP is a cash cow but the real money is in Diane’s real estate. IHOP runs with no reserve at all–I know this first hand (but I do not want to elaborate, please). I have seen the books and know there is a lot of shady business going on. They cover it up. Call and say you want to be a partner but you want to see the public accounting that is supposed to be available for tax exempt organizations and good luck with that. Why have they not been exposed?? I believe it is their own judgement. Because they worship another Jesus and teach another Gospel. Those who belong to Christ He corrects. Well……I just weep over people I know still there that seem determined to be judged with them. I don’t pretend to know how much they will be held accountable for but I know the first thing I did when we left was REPENT. I knew right away that was what I had to do.  I believe this is very serious business on any level you look at it and many people have eternity in the balance. I thank G-d every day that he rescued us out and pray for those that are there and are hooked in. I have tried to talk to people that used to be friends at IHOP and had them get up and walk out on the conversation. The deception is very strong. Please please pray for them all.




I have been doing some study this weekend looking for the root of IHOP. I would suggest if you want to really see where a lot of this is coming from, look up the Phildelphian Society. I must apologize. What is now listed on the IHOP web defending what they believe and do not believe is actually true. Apparently the defination of “latter Rain” and “Manifest Sons” has changed from the original theology. IHOP actually teaches a very old theology on these subjects-while just as messed up-really is different than listed on the web page. There was a strong concentration on “marrying Jesus” as early as the 1600′s with this movement. Another person to look up is Jane Leade. I have been amazed what I have found in a few days of reading.


Even Count Zinzendorf seems to have split off the Monrovian community into age groups and there seems to be information that he did not allow the parents to have imput in raising their children. One of the complaints was that the young adults in particular were totally segmented from their family. Also look up Order of the Mustard Seed


There are strong indications that it is like a group “hypnosis” that allows the participants to be controlled.


This information has not made be angry–just incredibaly grieved for people I know still hooked in this. I can attest that any resistance I personally brought up while I was there was immediately repressed. Anyone not submissive to the group is squeezed out.


I believe that the changes seen in IHOP have always been there but as the movement has become stronger, the leadership has become more confident to put what they really believe into practice. The sad things is if you Google IHOP there are pages and pages of off shoot groups in cities all over the USA and overseas.









About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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