Shrouded in Darkness

If you are involved in IHOP, please read this letter carefully.  It is written from a member of IHOP-KC, who reported directly to Mike Bickle for years and has finally been set free.




Considering how many times and how many different leaders (as in stable, truth-seeking, biblically sound leaders) have brought loving correction and reproof to Mike Bickle and he has discounted it over and over again and claimed that God would judge them for opposing him (see Ernie Gruen report for more detailed accounts), it is beyond the point of pleading ignorance.


To willfully continue in activity and doctrines that have been heralded by the body of believers (and more importantly by scripture) as being heretical and dangerous that to continue to defend it and participate in it shows a complete disregard for walking in truth and rather a favoritism of his pet doctrines.


I don’t think that necessarily everyone sat around before IHOP’s conception and said ‘let’s start a cult and use mind control techniques and manipulation to get people to join and financially support us.’ I think that a pattern of decisions made over the years has led them to this point and that at each crossroads, truth was not the choice made so they have become blinded and desensitized so as to fall into greater degrees of deception. Now I believe they are running a full-scale cult but have such a long pattern of this kind of behavior and teaching that they have just been given over to it as scripture warns. A pursuit of truth is protection from deception. (2 Thess 2:10)


Eph 4:17. Therefore I say this – indeed, in union with the Lord I insist on it: do not live any longer as the pagans live, with their sterile ways of thinking. 18. Their intelligence has been shrouded in darkness, and they are estranged from the life of God, because of the ignorance in them, which in turn comes from resisting God’s will. 19. They have lost all feeling, so they have abandoned themselves to sensuality, practicing any kind of impurity and always greedy for more.


The fact that IHOP exists today is not an accident, it is an intentional and purposeful ego-driven manipulative movement designed by Mike Bickle and carried out by him, Lou Engle and a team of leaders that have been sucked into it.  Their motive is deception.  Their practices are ancient.  Their path is destruction.  Run!


About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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