Investigation Part II – On the Inside of IHOP

Below is PART II of the investigation report conducted by a private agency, hired to find out what was happening on the inside of IHOP-KC.  This agency was hired by a private family, not a business or a church organization, who set out to rescue one of the children from this movement.  If you haven’t read it, go read Investigation PART I, listed under my February blogs.


_________ Part II Report begins here__________________________________


I attended the Forerunner School of Ministry for a three month period of time in which I was able to conduct adequate research on the internal workings of IHOP-KC.  I can tell you with absolutely no hesitation that what is happening on the IHOP campus, at The Call meetings and at the One Thing meetings is not of God.  This is not just my personal opinion but my personal conviction as a result of what I have seen and heard as an insider.


My brain works in numbers so much of my data will be presented using numbers.


IHOP looks and feels very good on the outside.  It appears that there is a genuine love of Jesus when you peer at the surface level.  I believe most these folks do possess a genuine love for Him, and that they are good people for the most part, but they have been misguided, manipulated and misled to a point of mental and emotional breakdown, resulting in zombie-like lethargy if removed from the IHOP environment.  Many have lost their ability to function in the real world.


Upon entering the program I plotted a subject group of 40 individuals, male and female mixed, all under the age of 30 years old.  I had classes with many of these individuals, shared prayer room time slots, roomed with several of them and served on one of the worship teams with others.  During the course of three months, all 40 of these people began to exhibit signs of mental and physical fatigue and emotional exhaustion on a consistent basis.  All of them claimed to have had demons cast out of them and claim to have had the opportunity to cast demons out of someone else.    Over one quarter of them tried at one point to leave the program and were forbidden.   Over half these subjects were expressly told by a leader that they were not to contact their family members.  All subjects were subjected to mandatory fasts.  (The leaders will deny the fact that the fast is mandatory; however, students are forbidden to leave campus to buy food and the only food service place on campus is shut down, thereby enforcing a mandatory fast.) Over one quarter of the students had food forcefully removed from their apartments.  All 40 subjects claimed to have had a prophetic word given to them by God and ironically each word was information directly from either their application or their journals.


Subject Group:  40 persons


Documented demonic possessions:  246


Tried to leave and were forbidden:  12


Told not to contact family members:  23


Forced to fast:  40


Food forcefully taken from their apartments:  13


Information abused to give the appearance of a prophetic word: 40


Many of the students were reprimanded for expressing doubts about some of the theology being taught in the Forerunner School of Ministry.  When these doubts were expressed and questions were asked, students were publically humiliated and made to feel guilty for their “ungodliness.”  Anyone who questioned the theology was placed under constant and careful surveillance to the point that they were literally living every moment in fear.  If they had food it was confiscated “for their own good” so that they could fast and pray without distraction.  They’re prayer room assignments were lengthened so that it was difficult, with class schedules, to find any time to sleep.  Through these tactics of starvation and sleep deprivation the student was brought back to a place of submission to the ideals being taught.  IF that submission was not achieved, they were removed from the program altogether, publically condemned for not being one of the elected seeds and ridiculed by their peers.  The leaders also instructed other students to isolate themselves from the “trouble-maker.”   Of my subject group,  12 began questioning, 2 of the 12 ended up hospitalized for dehydration and sickness, 4 of the 12 were removed from the program for refusing to accept what was being force fed and the other 6 broke down under the weight of peer pressure and exhaustion. 


It is my professional opinion, based on these results that IHOP is not Christ following ministry, despite the fact that they say they love Jesus outwardly.  Jesus is not the focus of this ministry.  In fact, during my three months in the program, I never heard the message of salvation through Jesus Christ taught or even remotely discussed.  The constant emphasis is on the movement of the Holy Spirit.  Praise is not given to Jesus, but voices or praise are rather lifted to invoke the Spirit to come and provide revelation.


During my time on one of the worship teams I gained insight into a behind the scenes look at how some of the manipulation works.  First, worship team leaders are taught a very specific way to lead worship.  They are instructed to follow a mantra, which is chosen ahead of time by the leaders.  There are levels of mantras and we were instructed that if those in the prayer room appear disconnected, to up the mantra to the next level.  There is a basic set of chords to be played repetitively for a pre-set amount of time, usually a minimum of ten minutes is required before altering the chord combination.  This is all done to induce relaxation and assist those in the prayer room to reach deeper levels of meditative spirituality.


Of the 40 subjects I studied, 29 of the 40 expressed having visions of angels and demons;    16 of the 40 expressed hearing an audible voice (they assumed to be God) speaking to them while in the prayer room; 7 of the 40 were visited by a spiritual being they called Emma; 4 of the 40 were visited by a spiritual being they called Dante; 21 of the 40 experienced jerking, twitching, and uncontrolled convulsing.  ALL of these documented experiences were isolated ONLY to the prayer room.


At one point during my assignment in the Forerunner School of Ministry, I was chosen with three others to meet with the Director of FSM, Mike Bickle (also the founder of the IHOP movement).  I had heard many things about him prior to our meeting.  We were taken to his office and he lifted his hands and prayed over us, as new leaders of worship, “chosen for the harp and bowl” he said, “selected to guide the prayers of the saints and usher in the second coming of our Lord.”   He spoke prophetic words over each of us, words he claimed to be given to him directly from God.  The words he spoke over me were directly (almost verbatim) from my journal entry that had been turned into my group leader the day before.  He slid open a panel in his office wall and had each of us look through it into the prayer room and he told us he would be watching us “guide the flock” in prayer and worship.  The meeting had more of an “I’m watching you” threatening undertone than it did a positive vibe.  He then instructed us in meditation, specifically what was to be said and in what order; and made us write down his instructions.  I have included these instructions in my report:


1.       Speak slowly


2.       Speak softly


3.       Speak briefly (short phrases or even just one word)


4.       Speak minimally (listen more than you speak)


5.       Pause a lot (linger in waiting mode, emptying your spirit)


6.       Pray with your spirit (focus your mind and direction to the Holy Spirit)


7.       Release gentle sighs and moans (focus on the Holy Spirit, talk to Him)


8.       Gaze into silence (feel the divine magnet pull you and let it take you)


Then we were instructed to chant the following things aloud, waiting five or ten minutes before moving to the next one.  He called this the “TRUST” method.  We were to chant these five things using the above instructions:


1.       Thank you Holy Spirit.


2.       Release Revelation.


3.       Use Me  (add in every three or four phrases:  use me to prophesize and become a vessel of the manifestations of the spirit.)


4.       Strengthen Me (add in every three of four phrases:  it takes the power of God to feel God)


5.       Teach me


Never once was Jesus or Christ of God mentioned in this equation, but rather the focus was on praying to the Holy Spirit and seeking prophetic revelation, visions and signs and wonders.  I noted while taking notes how many times Mr. Bickle instructed us to “pray to the Holy Spirit” and it was 36 times in our meeting which lasted under an hour.


_______________________________End PART II report here ______________________________


Later this week I will post the PART III.










About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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