Growing in the Prophetic OR Growing in the BS


Mike Bickle wrote a book entitled, Growing in the Prophetic. published in 1996.  It basically discusses the role of Scriptural doctrine in the prophetic ministry. 

Here’s what I found interesting.  On page 51 Bickle states that prophets must be absolutely clear on and walk by the major doctrines of Scripture, but on page 63 he affirms that William Branham was a TRUE prophet of God.  Why does this contradict his statement on page 51?  Because William Branham was known for a series of beliefs that were not based in Scripture, to the point that he was even stripped of his preaching credentials. 


Here’s what we know of William Branham, the man Mike Bickle calls a TRUE prophet of God:



William Branham was the major name at the forefront of the Latter Rain movement in the 1940’s.  He was known for the miracles, signs, and wonders of his revival style meetings. Branham though initially ordained as a Baptist pastor converted to the Assemblies of God and remained there until he had his credentials stripped in 1949. The reason Branham had his credentials stripped is that in spite of his “miracle and healing” services, he also promoted false doctrines such as the denial of the Trinity, the teaching that the Zodiac and the pyramids were as much God’s Word as the Bible, the Serpent’s Seed doctrine which taught that Eve had sex with Satan in order to conceive Cain, and most bizarre of all he popularized the Manifest Sons of God doctrine as originally postulated by Earl G. Paulk.

This doctrine taught that rather than Christ returning physically in his second coming, there would be a restablishment of the apostolic and prophetic ministries and that the remnant that walked in these ministries would walk so much in the power of God that they would become the fulfillment of the Second Coming. Even after having his credentials stripped in 1949, Branham continued to have quite a following after his ministry. Many of his followers were so duped that when Branham died in a car accident in 1965, they waited by his grave for several days fully expecting him to arise from the dead in the same way that Christ did. Though Branham is still in his grave, his legacy of deception lives on in a group of men who feel ordained by God to continue his work…. like Mike Bickle and those of the International House of Prayer.

How can Bickle say true prophets must adhere to and walk by the doctrine of Sripture and in the same breath state that William Branham was a TRUE prophet?  Lie begets lie begets lie begets lie. 

Perhaps Bickle should acquire a team of prophetic editors who can foresee such a contradictory blunder.  Oh, wait, Bickle says prophets no longer have to be accurate so I guess that wouldn’t be helpful after all.  Too bad.




About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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