Emma’s Experience with IHOP

Below is a letter I received from a young woman named Emma:


Dear StopIHOPcult,


My name is Emma and I want to share my experience at IHOP-KC with you and your blog readers.  I’ve read many of the other stories you’ve shared and I’ve wept because it’s all true and painfully real.  I don’t know whether IHOP is officially a cult but I know that there is witchcraft and demonic activity and things happening that shouldn’t be happening.  I don’t want to speak badly of anyone, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ, but I’ve been exposed to the leaders of IHOP and I can tell you with all honesty that Mike Bickle is not speaking words from God.  I started going to the summer youth camps at IHOP and then I went to the Forerunner School of Ministry and then I worked in the office for a while.  I have seen things that I should not have seen, things no one should see, things I pray for God to remove from my memory.  Bickle conjures up demons to speak openly and he demonizes people to try to reveal prophetic words that aren’t even true, and never come true.  He sets his sight on the young women mainly, not in a sexual way but in a way that is different then how he treats the males. It’s hard to describe but when you are there you can see the pattern.  The person who told you that Bickle has a sliding door in his office where he can spy on the prayer room isn’t lying or exaggerating.  He watches what goes on and sends messages to the worship team to do certain meditative techniques or call on a certain individual for a prophetic word.  He lays his hands on a person’s head, toward their forehead, and at the touch a demon enters them and they begin to act differently.  Two girls I knew well were called into meetings with Bickle separately and he laid his hands on them and they began acting totally different.  One came out of his office twitching and convulsing and whooping like you see people who have Tourette Syndrome.  The other one started fasting compulsively and didn’t quit until she ended up being hospitalized for dehydration.


In 3 years of being involved in IHOP I walked away and not one of my friends or leaders encouraged me or helped me or even called to check on me.  The minute I questioned what was happening, I was isolated from everyone.  I was followed around by two people who were assigned to watch me and make sure I didn’t spread my doubt to others.  Bickle called me into his office and he and the FSM leader who is a professed ex-witch, tried to persuade me to stay, telling me that God was “offending my mind to reveal my heart,” just like one of your blogs says, and that he wanted to pray for me and lay his hands on me to penetrate the demonic forces attacking me.  I knew right away that if I let him touch me, he would somehow increase the demons.  I left and I never went back.


Everything you’ve posted is true.  They teach the Latter Rain even though they deny it and the Manifest sons of God as elected seeds.  They have their own lingo to describe annointings and callings and they teach that prophesy doesn’t have to be accurate, that it’s a learned skill like anything else in life.  I know these things aren’t Biblical, but when you question them they throw verses at you that makes you feel inferior, even though half the time the verses are twisted and taken out of context.  They’re powerful.  Bickle is powerful and he has followers that will do anything he says. Lou Engle is another leader so powerful with demonic spirits that he used to scare me when I’d see him.  They are dividing the body of Christ on purpose.  They’ve threatened people emotionally, spiritually and even physically.  The scariest thing of all is that they’re growing so fast that they don’t care if a few people here and there leave, Bickle is after the masses of young people and he’s demonizing them, all of them.  In the 3 years I was there Bickle never once preached about Jesus being the savior.  He’ll breeze over it in Scripture, but he never once discussed it or taught on it.  All his teachings are on going deeper into the spirit realm, prayer, meditation and fasting, calling forth the Holy Spirit to manifest revelations, asking for prophetic words, breathing techniques, chanting techniques, all focused inward toward the human spirit and not upward toward God.  It’s such a scary thing and I pray for everyone trapped.  


Pray hard and don’t stop.


In His Name,




About stopihopcult

I am a believer in Jesus Christ, as my Savior and I love God and stand up for the truth of His Word. In this stance, I am against IHOP (International House of Prayer) because of their cult activity, tactics of mental and emotional manipulation, distortion of God's Word, and consortation with demonic spirits. IHOP is a cult.
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