Continual Abuse

A note from a reader:

I just read over 40 hours of abuse regarding IHOP-KC and over 40 hours of Calvary Chapel.  Chritians need to get unbrainwashed and think for themselves and start questioning like where the money goes and follow that trail because God doesn’t get any money, nor does the poor.  You’re supporting spiritual vampires, spiritual cannibals and habitual liars for the the most part.  You’re supporting their business and their philanthropic lifetyle.  One day you wake up and you realize that you lived your life for someone else and through someone else and why and what for?  Don’t Call Me Brother by Austin Miles exposes how corrupt churches are run. READ YOUR BIBLE.  Not to mention there’s a lot of books exposing church abuse keeping the people suppressed and in bondage and coming back for more and how healthy are people and families.  It’s not big buildings and big numbers, much of the church is mental illness sorry to say.

Unfortunately, this person is right.  The church has been corrupted in many ways and Mike Bickle and his warped IHOP vision, KC Prophets, mob-type mentality, false prophesy and manipulative ways in which he has set up this organization and fueled it with youth worldwide…is at the center of it all.  IHOP proclaims a deep love for Jesus, but underlying that proclamation are lies and hatred.  This organization could not be farther from a representation of Christ.  It’s very sad.

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Reporter Looking For Interviewees

Sarah Posner, a reporter for Religion Dispatches, is seeking interviewees for an article she is writing about IHOP.  I have spoken with her, as have several others, sharing their experiences with the International House of Prayer movement.

If you would be interested in talking with her, here is her email address:

Please consider sharing your story with Sarah.  We can’t stop this cult and free others who are trapped unless we all stand together against it.

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Exposing the Sham

This is a letter posted to the StopIhopCult Facebook page.  Support Shawn in exposing IHOP and Mike Bickle for what they really are:  A Sham   (contact Shawn via Twitter, address listed at the end of the article)

Biography: I support the movement known as “Anonymous”. My goal is to expose the false prophets of the Kansas City Evangelical Christian movement. Why? I grew up in a cult/neighborhood church in the late 80′s. The men (false prophets) of the church are all but ONE dead; unfortunately the remaining member of “kansas city fellowship” has started another cult, and it is big million dollar big(a year). This “church” called Ihop (not the pancake house) the International House Of Prayer or their new one kc forerunner fellowship. Why not just leave them alone? I cant. The key word here is “International” This is how the founder and current pastor M.B. funds this Doomsday cult of martyr’s. 90% of the members are in their twenties, and they think their training to be missionaries, but the “end times” have been prophesied by the pastor. Fear, immigrant small business loans, lies and religious visas are the tools of the new face of Christianity. This movement has roots in almost every church in America. Know a false prophet? You can trace him back to “Kansas City Prophets” Now for the good parts, Number one sign of a cult- Isolationism, the members have been instructed to unplug all media outlets(maybe the 500, 000 post on Google haunt him, but he doesn’t have to worry. This is how it works, he calls his church a missions school, so internationally anybody can get a religious visa from almost any country as long as they have an institute to accept them (IHOP) then when they arrive here usually with nothing but belief until M.B. helps them all get the small business loan for their new business “A Missionary” Conveniently a semester of bible thumping cost the same amount as the basic loan, once they give it to the church there broke hungry and immobile so they have to rely on the church. This is how over 50, 000 young adults are living right now right here. They are also linked to “The Promise Keepers” I know it was once a simple movement with a good promise, all men called to treat their families better, now they have 500, 000 men that don’t know the promise has changed. Promise Keepers is now basically “IHOPS” personal sleeper cell. Why should you care? This man “Mike Bikle” will unite his forerunners(martyr’s) will Islamic Jihad and bring it to our shores. He is trying to force the sky open and bring “armagedon” in nuclear war only the 1% survive. I don’t hate God or Christians, but I knew this man was a fraud since I was 10. This cult is very dangerous if you Google it you’ll see, if you go to their service which I recommend, you will find great rock music 24 hour “Healing Rooms” but please don’t drink the kool-aid just listen. We need to expose this man to his followers, one thing young adults cant do is turn of their smartphone so twitter could stop a war, one that nobody but jihadist are talking about, until 1999 when he had his 10th vision in 10 years. He sees himself as the right hand of Jesus and possesses “The Holy Gost” We must stop this please Google this and read about the families turned and destroyed, mothers posting on Google about their child no longer caring about them and feeling superior. Ihop members, this is to YOU, I know Bikle better than anyone in that church and he will lead you to death not the rapture. its in Grandview MO 2 miles west of 71 off red bridge rode its on a hill on the left in a strip mall, don’t be fooled they own 3 square miles of Grandview and used criminal tactics to buy out all the nearby businesses. It was allegedly a vision of the physical manifestation of Christ who gave him the Idea, that’s a lie it wasn’t his idea. The real missionaries I knew left in 1988 because of this, they went to Guatemala built a school and hospital all from donations and the’re still there and still poor and still good people. This man caused the end of my church when I was 11 then I was thrown into larger cults, then I rebelled HARD. The one Pastor that ousted him died in 2009 his name was Ernie Gruen, but he was a smart man, he wrote an in depth report titled “the abbreverant practices of KC Fellowship”. His son is still standing up for his dad. I intend to start where Ernie Gruen left offl below is a video about mike bikles current open vision for America. YOU DECIDE

Twitter Username @shawn35null

Mike Bickle’s open vision about America

Watch the entire message here: From the Onething

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IHOPU…. NOT for Me and NOT for You

Here are some of the “expectations” placed on students enrolling in IHOPU.  (You can find this information and more directly on the IHOP website.)  Most college campuses have rules wherein alcohol is not allowed on campus, smoking is only permitted in designated areas and cell phones may not be used during class lectures.  You will find IHOP’s rules to be quite different, extremely invasive and outright controlling.



The International House of Prayer (IHOPKC) community expects all its staff members (all staff, students, and interns) to make a personal commitment to live counter to the prevailing moral laxity of our society by not participating in, advocating, supporting, or condoning sexual activity (heterosexual or homosexual) outside of marriage, marriage being understood to be between a man and a woman, as set forth in the Scripture. Further, we will demonstrate our commitment to Christ and to each other by refraining from any use of tobacco, and the public or social* use of alcoholic beverages. This commitment includes summer, breaks from school, and trips outside of Kansas City for all those who plan on returning to IHOPKC after their break, summer, or trip.

*“Public or social” describes any gathering including persons who are not members of your immediate family, whether in Kansas City or elsewhere.

Dating Policy for Students
Dating or courting is not permitted during a student’s first semester of IHOPU. However, students in a relationship before enrolling as students may communicate through written communication only. If the dating relationship is with someone living in the Kansas City area, this must be disclosed on the application form. If you are engaged, please inform the Discipleship Group leader to whom you are assigned within the first two weeks of school.

Dating Policy for Interns
Dating and courting are not permitted during the One Thing and Fire in the Night internships. They are not permitted during the first track of Intro to IHOPKC and Simeon Company. However, interns in a relationship before beginning the internship may communicate through written communication only. If the dating relationship is with someone living in the Kansas City area, this must be disclosed on the application form. Applicants who are engaged should disclose this on the application form as well.


So, if you are enrolling in IHOPU, you cannot drink a glass of wine or a beer with a friend over Christmas break or anytime for that matter. You cannot date anyone during school and if you are involved with someone you have to disclose this information to the leaders.  Why?  This is personal information and people should not be forced to share it unless it is something they desire to disclose. AND, if you are dating you can only communicate through written communication.  I don’t want to sound brash, but WTF?!?  No university tells their students that they cannot call their loved ones…. except for IHOPU. 

Folks, this is a form of control.  This is not “normal” behavior for a university; though IHOPU is not a normal university.  They brainwash, manipulate, deceive and control their students with twisted Scriptures, false prophesies, ridiculous rules and outright lies.  Jury says:  Don’t send your kids here!


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Fiction but not Fictional


A new book has just hit the market by suspense novelist, S.R.Claridge, entitled  HOUSE OF LIES.  Though it is a work of fiction, I would say the concepts within the novel are sadly far from fictional.  In fact, the book dedication is written to anyone who is or has been involved in a cult group. 

The novel is a story about a woman who tries to save her sister from the grips of a cult group called P3.  In her attempt to rescue her loved one, she discovers the leaders of the cult have an agenda reaching far beyond an evangelical purpose; all the way into the upper levels of the US government.  The book reads as a suspenseful story, but to those who have experienced cult-type involvement either personally or having loved ones entangled, the book will hit close to home. 

If you’ve studied cults or been involved in any capacity with a group where the leaders have mis-guided their members, have imposed a false belief system on members, have suffered being spiritually manipulated or watched as a loved one got sucked deeper and deeper into something that was spiritually dangerous; you will relate to this story.

HOUSE OF LIES will get you thinking deeper into what really goes on behind the closed doors of many of the current cult-type groups in our world today; and what is their true agenda.  It’s worth the read and worth giving to anyone who is involved in such a group or has family or friends involved in such a group.

Here is a link to a book trailer video that will give you a glimpse:

Feel free to copy this and all information from this site.



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The Error in Mike Bickle’s Interpretation

Excerpt from an article posted by the Christian Research Institute.  Insight into the foundational structure of the International House of Prayer (IHOP) movement.

The End-Time Prayer Movement

There is nothing more central to Bickle’s eschatology than his teaching concerning the end-time prayer and prophetic movement. Building on the 24/7 prayer example of the historic Moravians and the contemporary South Korean practice of fervent prayer and consecrated prayer mountains, IHOP is spreading a passion for intercessory prayer and worship throughout the church.

Bickle’s primary vision is to promote the escalation of the harp (worship music) and bowl (intercession) prayer style derived from Revelation 5:8, which is implemented in the night and day model of IHOP.36 IHOP claims that it has been practicing this kind of prophetic prayer and worship without ceasing since September 19, 1999.

Bickle’s mission is to multiply 24/7 prayer rooms throughout the world that use the Book of Revelation as their prayer guide concerning Jesus’ end-time battle plan. He often quotes Jesus’ statement in Luke 18:7–8, “Will not God bring about justice for his chosen ones, who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? I tell you, he will see that they get justice and quickly” (NIV), to support his assertion that day and night prayer will quicken the second coming of Christ. However, Bickle’s interpretation of Luke 18:7–8, and his unfortunate intention to create the belief that 24/7 prayer will speed up Jesus’ second coming, is unsound. In the parable of Luke 18:1–8, Jesus is simply teaching His disciples to persevere in prayer. There is no clear warrant for applying this teaching only to the second coming rather than to God’s answer of His elect’s prayers in general, and of their prayers for justice in particular, throughout the ages; and there is even less warrant for understanding Jesus to be teaching that 24/7 prayer is a necessary condition for His second coming.

God is indeed stirring up a fresh intercessory prayer movement around the world of Christians who will consecrate themselves to worshiping Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23–24). The multiplication of 24/7 prayer rooms filled with mature intercessors and worshipers would certainly be a blessing to the church today. However, prayer and worship primarily increases worldwide through the extensive growth of the global church among all the ethnic peoples of the earth. Through a basic understanding of cosmology, the church is praying night and day at all times right now. When it is night in one geographical location, it is day in another. The swelling increase of prayer over the last few decades can be significantly attributed to the growing church, especially in places like China, South Korea, Southern Africa, and Latin America.

One of the more troubling teachings promoted by Bickle through the years relates to the relationship of the Old Testament tabernacle of David and the end-time prayer movement.37 In his Tabernacle of David article published in Charisma Magazine,38 Bickle makes three interpretative errors. He writes:

1. “I believe I have found the secret to a vital prayer life. I came across this secret when I was studying the tabernacle of David in Acts 15:16– 17, the effective model of a 24-hour-a-day prayer and worship ministry.”

In Acts 15:16–17, however, James is speaking about the restoration of the fulfillment of the line of David in the first coming of Jesus as Messiah.39

2. “In Moses’ time, the glory on the ark was hidden in the holy of holies behind a thick veil. But in David’s tabernacle, there was no veil to keep the people from seeing the glory of God. It was unprecedented: David set the ark of the covenant in open view! Instead of the thick veil Moses used, David made musicians and singers into a human veil around the ark.”

This statement has no biblical basis and would have been a complete violation of Mosaic Law.

3. “I believe God will fully restore the tabernacle of David—which is the very embodiment of intercessory worship before the beauty, holiness, and glory of God—in the generation in which the Lord returns according to Acts 15:16–17. I believe it will be the means of releasing the fullness of salvation and revival for all the nations. Through this model of intercessory worship, the Great Commission will be fulfilled so that every tribe, tongue, and nation will be present on the last day.” Again, Bickle engages in a serious misinterpretation of Acts 15:16–17.

I address Bickle’s printed teaching on the tabernacle of David because it originates in wayward Latter-Rain teaching40 and continues to be promoted and taught by many Christians. It is the foundation of the IHOP movement; a foundation that is flawed.  A hopeful development, however, is that Bickle has told me that he no longer believes most of what is contained in his article. He nonetheless still emphasizes the spirit of the tabernacle of David as a worship and prayer ministry style (1 Chron. 15:1) and emphasizes that the restoration of the tabernacle of David refers to Jesus establishing His Jerusalem millennium throne and ruling the earth in the context of prayer and worship (Amos 9:11–15; Isa. 56:7). Although the New Testament does not teach that Christians should model any Old Testament worship style and Acts 15:16–17 is primarily the fulfillment of the first coming of Jesus as Messiah, Bickle’s teaching concerning the tabernacle of David appears to be moving in the right direction.

The End-Time Prayer Manual

Throughout church history the Book of Revelation has been perhaps both the most ignored and the most abused book in the Bible. Because of Bickle’s absolute futuristic and often highly sensationalized exposition of the Book of Revelation, he has inappropriately elevated Revelation to a preeminent canonical position in the New Testament. He has redefined and repurposed it as the church’s “canonized prayer manual” concerning Jesus’ specific end-time battle plan.41

Bickle imagines that millions of praying Christians will one day be unified in prayer by knowing exactly how and when to pray next because the judgments and events in the Book of Revelation are numbered and in sequential chronological order.42 According to Bickle, since the specific sequential events of the future have been prophetically predicted in the Book of Revelation, the end-time church will be able to loose or bind God’s judgments exactly as they unfold in history.43

Bickle envisions prayer rooms around the world in full agreement as they pray the events of the end-time battle plan into existence. It is because of this belief that Bickle is now attempting to get the global prayer movement to embrace his exclusive interpretation of the Book of Revelation.44 By praying Revelation’s Great Tribulation events into existence, this will result in billions of men, women and children being killed.45

John Piper provides wise correction to those like Bickle who attempt to chronologically predict future events when he writes, “When our future perspective becomes chronological instead of theological, then faith is endangered. The more detailed one attempts to map out the future, the more inferences one must make which are not explicit in the Scripture. Therefore, the tendency of the imagination to fill the gaps increases and the probability of erroneous calculation grows.”46

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Just as IHOP members feel strongly about standing FOR the teachings of this cult, it is important that we, believers in Christ, stand AGAINST the false teachings coming out of this movement.  Silence is not a stance.

Please pray for wisdom and research the IHOP organization for yourself.  If you believe they are manipulating the minds of the youth, distorting the Word of God, consorting with demons and standing on a foundation built upon false prophesy… please join us in our stance against this movement.

Visit and “Like” our Facebook Page for more information.  We will be updating the page regularly with information and resources for those who have come out of the cult and need assistance re-acclamating into normal life.  The deception within IHOP is deep and it leaves wounds that are even deeper, tearing apart families, marriages, friendships and lives.

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Standing Up Takes Courage – IHOP is for Cowards


Standing against something you believe to be dangerous and wrong takes courage.  It takes as much strength to stand against something as it does to stand for it.  People oppose you.  People label you “troublemaker.”  People fear what might happen if you’re right.  It might bring change and change can be scary.  It is always easier to do nothing than to do something.  It is always easier to say nothing than to say something.  Taking a stand can be uncomfortable.  BUT… if no one took a stand, the world would never change.  If no one took a stand, America would merely be another British Colony and we would still be in the throes of slavery.  If no one took a stand… well, you get the idea.  Often times, the right thing to do is the most uncomfortable and the most difficult. I know firsthand because I’m taking a stand against a cult called IHOP (International House of Prayer).  If you’ve never looked into this organization, please study it and you will come to know why it is important to stand against it.  As its demonic tentacles reach into our religious and political systems, it is imperative that we know the truth, because only “the truth will set us free.”  John 8:32

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The Truth Shall Set Them Free


It’s easy to sit back and complain about life’s circumstances.  It’s easy to whine and bitch and moan about the things we don’t like or of which we don’t approve.  The hard part is putting those words into action.  The uncomfortable part is rising from your seat of complaint and publically taking a stand either for or against something.  The scary part is coming face-to-face with the opposition and being torn down, ostracized or labeled “trouble-maker.”


As of today, the last day of August 2012, I have received countless personal notes from people all over the country and from other countries who have escaped the IHOP movement.  Many are secretive about their identity for fear they will be labeled or targeted negatively; but they are eager to share their experiences while inside this cult group.  It isn’t surprising that their stories are the same and that the information they give is the same.  Demonic encounters.  Contemplative meditation involving the use of repetitive mantras.  Praying TO the Holy Spirit and asking for prophetic visions.  Mandatory fasting invoked by the physical removal of all food from the premises.  Denial of the right or ability to leave the campus or phone their family members.  These people have been through hell and back and are now reaching toward others to warn them not to get involved with IHOP and to free the ones that are still trapped.


This International House of Prayer is not a safe haven for believers to assemble and pray together.  It is an underground sect of leaders who falisfy prophetic visions, twist Scripture and manipulate the very Word of God to suck young people in.  It is a cult of warped Christianity built upon a foundation of lies.


Throughout history change has come because people have stood against the wrong and the dangerous.  People deserve the truth.


“And the truth shall set them free.”  John 8:32

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Seeking Knowledge

I once asked someone close to me, who was involved with a cult-type religious organization, if she ever studied the foundation of the organization to which she had devoted her life.  The answer was no.  I then asked if she would be willing to research it and she told me that God told her not to study it.


This was a huge red flag.


She went on to tell me that the history of the organization didn’t matter.


Now, the red flag is waving.


One of the fundamental principals of any cult is to tell their followers it is not necessary to study the foundational origins of the group.  Why?  Because most, if not all, cult organizations start out on a foundation of falsehood.  The founders don’t want their followers to find the falsehood and the lies; so they bury it.  Those that don’t bury twist (and often re-write) Scripture to try and justify it.  This is Cult 101.


For example:  IHOP founder, Mike Bickle, says that the prophetic words that have come out of the International House of Prayer movement have been inaccurate because they were going through a phase of restructuring, and that prophesy itself is conditional, and that New Testament Prophets are allowed to make mistakes, whereas Old Testatment Prophets prophesied correctly.  None of this is even Biblical.


Bottom Line:  If a prophesy is given from God it is NOT conditional and it will NEVER be inaccurate, no matter how much “restructuring” is going on in life.


To the point that the history of an organization doesn’t matter…untrue.  History matters because we are to learn from it.  If history didn’t matter, then why did God take the time to place the Old Testament in the Bible?  If history didn’t matter, why do we study it in school?  The truth is the history of every organization matters because it lays the groundwork and the structure and the cornerstone for what that organization will become.


In the King James version of the Bible, the word knowledge appears 172 times.  Countless times the Bible tells us to seek wisdom and knowledge…to ask, to search, to knock, to find, to keep on seeking, etc.  Over and over and over God says this, which tells me, it must be somewhat important to Him.  He must want us to acquire wisdom and search after knowledge; or else why would He say it so many times?   Even more interesting is the fact that the Bible doesn’t specify upon WHAT topic we are to seek wisdom and knowledge.  It doesn’t say ONLY learn what you can about religion or politics or economics or spirituatlity or any other topic for that matter.  It is open ended, meaning seek wisdom and knowledge about everything….take EVERYTHING to Him and search it out for yourself…


….including the foundational origins of an organization to which you have devoted your life.  Period.


God will never tell you NOT to search for knowledge and seek wisdom because HE already told you to do it in His Word and HE doesn’t contradict His Word, nor manipulate it, nor twist it.  Only liars do that. Only cult leaders do that.  Only serpents do…as they have done since the beginning of time.    ~

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